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Video Games by Maxwell | FashionTV

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Adidas Originals Launches Hellboy Collector’s Edition Sneakers

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Adidas Originals sets yet another example for the “Fashion meets Hollywood” (not that one can exist without the other!). The globally popular street-wear brand has launched two pairs of exclus...

Caribbean Fashion Week 2008: An Event To Remember

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The annual Caribbean Fashion Week 2008 (CFW) took place on June 11-16 in Kingston, Jamaica. The event was held at the National Indoors Sports Centre at Independence Park, in the National Stadium complex. It w...

Uggs or Ughs: We Like ‘Em Anyway!

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You can love ‘em or you can hate ‘em but you sure can’t ignore ‘em! Ugg Boots are a global rage this winter and while some swear by the style, others simply go “Ugh!” These ...

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Tao Okamoto

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Heidi Klum to Design a Jewelry Range

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Stunning supermodel Heidi Klum is the latest celeb to be bitten by the designing bug. The Victoria Secrets model and a mom-to-be will soon design her own line of jewelry. Klum was deeply fascinated by the clov...

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Bisou Bisou

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A SPECIAL VALENTINE BISOU LOS ANGELES - Global women's fashion company, BISOU BISOU, joins with FORD MODELS to host a special Valentine's Day event at BARFLY (8730 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood) benefitting the PAC...

Tatiana Andrade

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Los Angeles, CA: Fashion Designer Tatiana Andrade says "The line is classy, but certainly loves to show a women's silouhette & femininity!" Could this be the reason how she started out in L.A. designing for a sals...

My Summer Favorites

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How to Build Self Confidence

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MishDom Q&A : Summer Love

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Beach Beauty Essentials

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Mish’s Giveaway: Korea Beauty Schwag

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Makeup for Rugby World Cup Championship Video in Hawaii.

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Sue Wong

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Yuanna at Sue Wong, LA Fashion Week at Smashbox

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