You can love ‘em or you can hate ‘em but you sure can’t ignore ‘em! Ugg Boots are a global rage this winter and while some swear by the style, others simply go “Ugh!” These sheepskin boots from Australia are the warmest and the coolest things ever. They come in four different styles- Classic Tall, Classic Short, Minis and Weave. The boots come with a rounded front and flat bases which is why they are an ultimate choice in comfort and luxury. The downy interior of the boots keeps feet warm and cozy while keeping foot-odor at bay and the premium leather allows for healthy ventilation and flexibility.

The Ugg boots have found loyal fans in celebs like Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston. Though the makers of the boots claim them to be equally suitable for summers, we do have some reservations about trotting around in fur-lined boots when the sun shineth bright. Though as comfortable and cozy as they are, it is extremely easy to go all wrong with the Uggs. Team them appropriately or you will end up looking like an Eskimo! Take a look at the celebs for some Ugg style tips.

There is nothing better than a pair of cozy Uggs to keep your feet warm this winter.

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